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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I apply Lash Advance®?
A. Apply at least once daily to base of eyelashes & brows. Do not rub into lashes. May be used under mascara to plump lashes. If used under makeup, apply gel and let dry slightly. While still moist, apply mascara over the gel. The gel will act as a lash "plumper."

Q. What should I do if I experience some stinging on my lash line when applying Lash Advance?
A. This is most likely caused by the exfoliating action of the Apple, Lemon & Sugar Cane extracts. The sensation should diminish within a few minutes. If stinging persists and there is redness & irritation, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Q. How long does it take to see results?
A. You will see an improvement in the "plumping" of your eyelashes immediately. Customers have reported a noticeable difference in 2-8 weeks.

Q. What should I do if some of the gel gets into my eyes?
A. Normally, there is no irritation if the gel gets in the eyes. If irritation occurs, simply rinse with water. If irritation persists, consult your physician.

Q. Are there contraindications?
A. Lash Advance should not be used on open wounds or lesions or skin that is irritated or compromised in any way.

Q. What happens if I discontinue use of Lash Advance?
A. Your lashes and brows will continue to appear longer and fuller until the next growth cycle.

Q. What if I forget to apply Lash Advance?
A. You will still get results, but a consistent routine will give you faster and better results.

Q. Will using Lash Advance twice per day give me faster results?
A. No. Once per day will produce great results.

Q. How long does a tube of Lash Advance last?
A. With normal use (one application to both lash lines per day), a Lash Advance tube will last at least 3 months. Depending on the amount per application, a single tube can last longer if used on lashes only, shorter if also used on brows.
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