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What Our Customers Are Saying...
Lash Advance® Conditioning Gel worked quicker on me, and so far two clients, than the 60-day results as stated on the package. I have been truly surprised and pleased, being the skeptic than I am. It is working well, and I was afraid mascara would not go on well. What a surprise- it enhances the mascara and does not affect it in any negative way. A little goes a long way with this product!
        - C, Kansas aesthetician

After only 11 days I could see a difference in my lashes, and what was even more amazing is that the skin on my eyelids looked much smoother... the wrinkled skin was gone!
        - BE, Wichita aesthetician

I am really impressed with Lash Advance® and the outstanding results that I am experiencing with my eyelashes. It has been 6 weeks since my first treatment, and I am seeing that they are not only fuller and healthier looking, but I also had a bald spot right above my pupil that is filling in with new growth. This is an amazing product, and I am thrilled with the results.
        - LR, Los Angeles publicist

I wanted to let you know that I used Lash Advance® Lash & Brow Conditioning Gel on my over - plucked brows for one week and am already seeing new growth! Thanks for your product!
        - CA, RN in Colorado

I love the new lash product! I have been using it for a little over a month and am seeing wonderful results. I started seeing results in the second week and noticed that my lashes were thicker and fuller. Shortly after that, I started to notice more length. For me this is a "Godsend" because I have a terrible habit of "picking" my mascara off and thus pulling out my eyelashes, which had made my lashes weak and scarce. I now have thicker, longer lashes. I love it! I will continue to use this product and look forward to more results.
        - MS, medical sales in AZ

Lash Advance is an excellent choice for my patients to try before I consider prescribing a product like LATISSE® (Allergan). My patients report improvement in overall lash and brow health and appreciate the reasonable cost.
        - KR, St. Louis Optometrist
I have only been using the lash and brow gel for about a week. I can tell it is working, as I can see the new eyelashes beginning to grow!
        - AL, aesthetician in Michigan

I have tried many different brands of lash conditioners, and this is by far the best! It does not irritate my eyes or skin, and my lashes and brows appear fuller in just a couple of weeks.
        - JN, spa owner in Chandler, AZ

I have been using Lash Advance® Lash & Brow Conditioning Gel for almost 2 months now, and I can not believe how much longer my lashes have gotten. I already had long lashes to begin with, but now when I put mascara on my lashes look darker and thicker. I only have to use one coat! I have to admit that I have stuck myself in the eye a few times, and it doesn't burn either.
        - ME, financial advisor in Phoenix, AZ

My lashes were thin, brittle and straight. Since using the gel on my lashes, they have become longer, thicker and are much softer. I don not even need to use my lash curler anymore, because my lashes curl when I apply mascara. I have been using the gel under my mascara as you suggested, and they look LUSH!
        - SS, aesthetician in Missouri

I used Lash Advance® Lash & Brow Conditioning Gel throughout my chemotherapy, and it helped me maintain my lashes and brows. They told me I would lose them, but I did not! They got thinner, but there was still a lot there.
        - DS, client in Ohio

I had a client who got a bad sty after receiving eyelash extensions. Many of her natural eyelashes fell out with the extensions. They were not growing back after more than a month, so I suggested she use Lash Advance® Lash & Brow Conditioning Gel. She called me back 3 weeks later and said all her lashes grew back. I was, of course, a little skeptical but sure enough they were pretty much back to normal. I was just floored. Anyway, it really worked.
        - CA, aesthetician
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